Wheel Repair & Tire Services

Let Crown Customs bring your wheels back to life! Eradicate the unsightly marks and blemishes from your vehicle's wheels, including but not limited to scratches, scrapes, and damage from curbs, as well as more severe issues like bends, cracks, and other deformities in alloy rims. We also repair most wheels, including straightening and detailed repairs for all types of wheel damage, from curb rash to bends and cracks. We meticulously restore your rims and wheels to their pristine factory condition, enhancing your vehicle's overall aesthetics and ensuring it looks its best on the road. Trust Crown Customs to bring unparalleled expertise and attention to detail to every repair, guaranteeing your car's wheel receives the highest standard of care.

Wheel Repair

The process at Crown Customs encompasses a comprehensive approach to wheel restoration, ensuring that every aspect of your wheel's condition is meticulously addressed:

  1. Straightening: We begin by correcting misalignments, removing bends, and ensuring the wheel is perfectly round again. This step is crucial for the smooth operation of your vehicle and prevents uneven tire wear.
  2. Repairs: Our team tackles a variety of damages, including curb rash, bends, and cracks. Each issue is carefully repaired to restore the wheel's structural integrity and appearance.
  3. Chemically Stripping: This involves removing the old finish from your wheels. By stripping the wheels chemically, we ensure a clean surface free of any residues or old coatings, preparing it for the following stages of restoration.
  4. Media Blasting: Media blasting prepares the wheel for its new coating. This process cleans the surface at a microscopic level, removing any lingering impurities and providing a rough texture for better adhesion of the new finish.
  5. Powder Coating: The final step is applying a durable and attractive powder coat finish. This restores your wheel's beauty and provides a protective layer against the elements and road debris.

Our detailed process ensures that every wheel is returned to its original strength and beauty, enhancing your vehicle's overall look and safety.

  • Full Repair & Refinish Starting at $125

    Process Includes:

    • Straightening

    • Repairs (curb rash, bends, cracks, etc.)

    • Chemically Stripping

    • Media Blasting

    • Powder Coating


Wheel Straightening

At Crown Customs, we understand the critical importance of addressing backside bends and cracks to maintain the structural integrity of your wheel. Repairing these damages is essential for preventing shaky steering, stopping air leaks, and ensuring your vehicle's safety and performance. Our advanced repair techniques meticulously restore your wheel to its original condition, eliminating future complications. Trust us to enhance your driving experience by ensuring your wheels are in optimal condition, providing a smoother, safer ride.

  • Wheel Straightening Starting at $80

    Backside bends and cracks repaired in order to restore the structural integrity of your wheel and/or to stop a shaky steering wheel or air leak.


Tire Mounting & Computer Balancing

Experience precision and performance with our Tire Mounting and Computer Balancing services at Crown Customs. Our process begins with carefully mounting your new tires, ensuring a perfect fit without damaging the rims. Each tire is then meticulously balanced using advanced computer technology. This precise balancing technique identifies even the slightest discrepancies in weight distribution, allowing us to correct them with pinpoint accuracy.
Computer balancing is essential not only for extending the life of your tires but also for enhancing your vehicle's overall handling and fuel efficiency. It eliminates vibrations that can be felt in the steering wheel, floorboard, or seat, providing you with a smoother, more comfortable ride. Moreover, this process helps prevent premature tire wear, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Mount & Balance Level 1 $20 Per Wheel

    Tire mounting and computer balance for all tires 20" or smaller

  • Mount & Balance Level 2 $40 Per Wheel

    Stretched tire mounts, 3 pc wheel mounts, over-sized wheels. 

  • Save On Factory Colors.

    Do not over pay for dealer or factory options on the wheel color you want.


    Refinishing OEM wheels can give you a piece of mind that you are keeping the same wheels your vehicle came with. OEM wheels can cost 300 or more per wheel.


    Refinished Wheels can save you big money when returning a vehicle at the end of lease. Dont Pay Markup for easily fixable damages